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It is a big challenge for product companies to hire software engineers. Even for those with an appealing purpose-driven mission.

We ensure that the right developers are charmed by your vacancy, and we guide candidates and employers to a sustainable match.

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  • We will stay in touch about the progress. Also in headwind
  • With a Kickstarter campaign, we will find you at least one candidate
  • We know what our candidates are looking for.


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Bonus is receiving our ebook ‘writing killer tech vacancies’

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  • kickstart campaigns (50% introduction discount)

    Our pressure cooker model, starting one day in your office. Hire an experienced tech recruiter per vacancy. Very accessible and efective!
  • candidate alert

    If there's a tech profile you're always interested in, let us note that down. You will only receive our candidate alert when a candidate matches this profile.
  • vacancy advice

    Send us you vacancy and book a meeting. With our advice you will immediately enlarge the chance in finding your new colleague..
  • writing killer tech vacancies

    All our tips & tricks in a clear e-book. Reach out and we'll send it with love.

Reach out at any moment you seem fit. Dial +31642740652, or send an email to marcel@codingforgood.nl.

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What other clients tell

”Marcel has been thinking with us on a strategic level about the company’s future and demonstrated a good understanding of our company culture. For us, work experience is just as important as being a good fit with our team. He brought in over a dozen colleagues, some of which still work with us after more than ten years! If you are looking for an independent recruiter to fill up new positions in your company, we would recommend Marcel any day.“

“Marcel knows what is going on in recruitment for IT jobs. He has a lot of experience, a great set of values towards his business and network, and a long-term vision. It’s a pleasure to work with him, good candidates keep on coming our way.”