I frequently engage in conversations with software developers who are in pursuit of new career opportunities. These discussions often arise in response to specific job openings, but at times, I am also approached to actively search for prospects. Below, I outline the steps we undertake together in this process.

Exploratory Career Conversation
What are you looking for? We delve into your preferences regarding work style, team environment, commuting distance, and other crucial aspects. The objective is not only to provide you with a better understanding of your own desires but also to make you aware of the opportunities that the market presents.

Crafting Your Profile
Initially, I create a compelling profile that highlights your aspirations and ambitions without divulging personal information. I share this profile with companies that have expressed interest in professionals possessing your specific profile. Additionally, I proactively seek potential job openings that align with your preferences.

Continuous Alignment with You
Once an organization responds positively to your profile, I engage in conversations to assess whether there is a promising match. Only when this is confirmed, do I discuss it with you. It’s only after you’ve given your approval that I share your CV with them.

Guidance Throughout the Application Process
We offer comprehensive support before, during, and after your job interviews and are ready to assist with any negotiations if necessary.

By following these steps, I ensure that your quest for a new job proceeds smoothly and effectively.