Our preferred method - Kickstart campaign

How we help tech companies finding the right candidate. And vice versa.


Preferred method

As someone with extensive experience in agency and corporate recruitment, I value the collaborative approach that is built on trust and respect. Also for candidates this is ideal. We really know the company and the job. Because we’re not directly dependent on succes, we can truly go for the right match. In the end that’s what I like about my job, making magical matches between candidates and companies. Beneficial for both and initially for the long term!

An example of a Kickstart day is as follows:

9:30 AM Intake:

We will commence with a comprehensive intake to gain an understanding of your company and the job you are offering. Together, we will create a clear picture of the ideal candidate and the benefits of the job. This will also provide you with a better understanding of your vacancy.

12:30 PM Lunch:

After crafting an effective job description, we will take a break for lunch. This informal setting will provide an opportunity for me to gain insights into the company culture and gather additional information from your team.

3:30 PM Feedback Session:

The first order of business will be to finalize the job description based on your feedback. Then, we will evaluate the various candidate profiles I have sourced on LinkedIn and discuss your preferences. By sharing your thoughts, I will gain a deeper understanding of your preferences and the reasons why the job will appeal to those candidates.

The following day:

The job posting will be live, and I will continue sourcing potential candidates and reaching out to them with a personalized approach.

And then:

When the first interview is scheduled, I will provide you with the candidate’s resume and my evaluation. If possible, I will join the interview to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and offer better support, potentially providing tips along the way.

The ultimate partnership

Kickstart is the ultimate partnership between an agency and a client, offering the convenience of working with a personal recruiter. The process begins with a kickoff meeting to discuss the job and company (for new clients). During the meeting, we will evaluate the advertisement text and the initial pool of candidates. Subsequently, we will launch targeted advertisement campaigns and conduct video calls with promising candidates.

Our approach is transparent, with a low threshold for candidates, and all candidates follow the same selection process, including accompaniment throughout the hiring process and interaction with the hiring manager.

Would you like give this a try?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss potential collaboration. We would be happy to explore opportunities with you and determine if we are a good fit for each other.