Connecting tech talents to purpose-driven organizations

Code your way to a better world

Many tech talents struggle to find an employer with the right values for them, while many purpose-driven tech organizations often have trouble attracting like-minded candidates.

Rely on more than 20 years of tech recruitment, our passion for technology, and our strive for a better world. Coding for Good has a good understanding of tech and work relations.

The new wave in tech recruitment

Coding for Good is where tech and purpose come together. We work exclusively with employers making a positive impact on society and like-minded IT professionals. And we’re in it for the long haul. The longer we work with you, the better we can tailor our services to your needs.

Recruiting for purpose-driven organizations brings out the best in us

We present the best tech jobs within purpose-driven organizations to candidates who utilize their talents to make the world a better place.

That’s what makes Coding for Good a reliable recruitment partner. We work from a point of view where your purposes overlap ours. Aiming to make a better world, Coding for Good acts like a guide and coach for employers and tech talents alike.

IT Headhunter connects tech talent to purpose-driven organizations

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About Marcel de Jong

I am Marcel de Jong, initiator of Coding for Good. One of the main reasons I started Coding for Good is to bring more wisdom to the world.

After a short career as an SAP specialist, I joined an executive search agency as an old-school headhunter in the year 2000. Apart from tons of phone calls, we released the first ‘Query Fret’ ever, some sort of beta-version of a search-bot with a response time of 24 hours. It wasn’t until 2001 that I worked on my first developer vacancy. That’s when tech recruitment started for me.


In 2004 I started working for as an HR Manager. Waag was an R&D (new) media company for education, healthcare, and cultural heritage. After my job was done in 2006 I founded HEBBES Personeel, the first recruitment company in the Netherlands to disrupt the market.


What really spoke to my heart though, was working with meaningful software companies to improve healthcare and work with cool technology. And it still does to this day. Through the years, I’ve connected with many IT professionals willing to work at purposeful organizations. It became clear to me that partnering with a type of company that I could work for myself brings out the best possible recruiter in me. All because we share a vision.


Do you share the same vision of coding for a better world and bringing more wisdom to the people in it? Are you looking to find some assistance in finding a new IT job in Healthcare, Education, Sustainability, or Environment? Leave your CV, your phone number, or your email, so we can reach out to you and learn about your career goals.

Marcel de Jong, founder of IT Headhunter


"Our company has significantly expanded in the last few years and Marcel has been with us along the way. He thinks with us on a strategic level about the company’s future and has brought in long-lasting, sustainable matches. We can always count on him in the recruitment process from the start until a new contract is signed. He has a great talent for finding the right candidate for a given role, and he has also demonstrated an understanding of our company culture. For us, work experience is not the only factor we take into consideration; the candidate must be a good fit with our team. He has helped us hire over a dozen colleagues, some of whom work with us for over ten years! If you are looking for an independent recruiter to fill up new positions in your company, we would recommend Marcel any day."

"I moved to Amsterdam in September 2019. I don’t speak Dutch, so in the beginning, it was difficult for me to find good opportunities. I applied to Patchmanager for a Digital Marketer role. Marcel reached out to me and offered a video call to discuss if I would be a match good match and if the position would be a good match for me. He took the time to understand my background and experience I have and presented my CV to the company. He kept me informed throughout the process and with great empathy. My experience with the Dutch hiring market was that response time is incredibly slow, so his attitude was much appreciated. Marcel looks at you as a person and not as a piece of paper, which is something that I feel is missing in today’s hiring processes. Fortunately, the interviews worked out well, and I got a job offer within two weeks at Patchmanager. Thank you, Marcel!"